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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Watching my kids bond

I love watching moments like that depicted above. It reminds me that my children are slowly bonding. My Daughter who is just about 20 months old is talking to my 2 month old who is sitting in her old Bumbo seat.  Shortly after I took this pictures she got down on his level and gave him a kiss, I wish I could have gotten that in a picture but she does it so unexpectedly that I am never ready to catch it.  I also wish I knew what was being said to him because she is always so serious when talking to him but ends it with love. 

Makenzi is such a great big sister to Gabriel. She talks to him when he cries and when he doesn't cry she shares her toys with him for a little while.  She shows him how to use her toys too, the way I introduce her to new toy. Its so heart warming I just had to share.  Watching them interact is truly a blessing.  Gabriel watches Makenzi like a hawk throughout the day, even when I am holding him he is trying to watch what she is doing. I feel that he is going to be an early walker just because he is going to try and keep up with her. 

Even today while I was playing on the floor with both of them so that Gabriel could have some tummy time, Makenzi walked up and bent down and gave him a kiss. I told her he didn't feel good today and she patted his head and said, "It otay."  You see, whenever she falls down or runs into anything and it hurts her for a second but she is fine I tell her your okay give her a hug and pat her on the head.  So she has picked up on this and I hear her say it to him from time to time and to her toys when she drops them.  She is so loving to all her pets and to her baby brother, who she calls baby or bubba, and is loving to me of course. At any given moment she will come running up just to hug me or give me a kiss and then run off just as quickly to go and play more, she also does this to our cat, Sammie, and to her brother. 

I really hope that their relationship continues to grow and I will do everything I can to nurture that relationship and the importance of family being part of their life too.  I would not be where I am today without my supportive family and hope I can instill that sense of support they will always have from us and hopefully from each other as they grow up. I honestly believe that success means nothing if you have no one to share it with. 

Anyway, I look forward to writing about how their relationship blossoms over the coming months and years. I know I'll have my hands full as Makenzi starts teaching Gabriel all the things she already knows and buttons to push on both me and their daddy but it'll be worth it to see them grow up together.

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LeiShell said...

That's darling:) love seeing their bond grow. I need a sibling for Eli so I can gush...Haha. maybe someday:)