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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Deployment: 2 months done, oh how we miss him

So today marks 2 months that Ty has been deployed and so far I have not burned the house down, pulled my hair out or killed any animals.  I would say we are doing pretty good despite missing him like crazy.  Its hard to be on 24/7 but I would be lost if I didn't have the kids to make the days fly bye.  This last month was full of us just hanging out around the house and enjoying some spring and almost summery type weather.  We went to the park a few times and walked around the little mall here in town too. But mainly we have just been here at the house.  Its easier to just stay home and let the kids play and do their own thing than to fight them to calm down at the store or out.  Kenzi has cut her bottom k9s and is working on getting the top ones through which has put her in a grumpy mood and Gabe follows her so when ever she cries he cries. On top of all that Gabe has also started to teethe which leaves him a little grumpy too.  It also makes for a very tired mommy as I am constantly on the move with them needing changing, food, water, love, or just playing on the floor.  The very best part of this month has been video chatting 2 times with Ty. and also finding out my mom gets to come visit this next month.  I can't wait to see her and introduce her to Gabe.  It was the best surprise after so many plans fell threw.  I'm also working out every night which is helping pass the time too.

Ty is doing better now.  He was having a rough time and still some days are better than others with being away from me and the kids.  He has been enjoying getting mail and loves seeing pictures and is trying to stay connected as best he can. 

Next month promises to be fun and I am hoping for it to fly bye as well. with my mom's visit right in the middle and hopefully nice weather so we can get back into going to the park in the mornings when it is nice out.  I will also be sharing more reviews and so crafting ideas as the month goes on so stay tuned.  Next update will be a Gabe special for his turning 3 months.

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