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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Makenzi at 20 months!

Wow! Where did the time go.  My little girl is already 20 months old, she is almost 2.  It is amazing to look back at all the things she has already learned, from rolling over to sitting up and all the way to feeding herself and now talking. I know I will probably repeat all this with her 2 year old shout out but I just can't believe in a matter of months she will be 2 years old.

So the update with her currently she is starting to pick up new words every day, a hear it once and she is running around saying it for the day.  Today she was trying to say monkey but for some reason everything she was saying today began with a b.  It was cute and by the end of the day she actually said monkey and knew what it was as I showed her a picture and she said "mumbey"  I  love her mispronunciations and can't wait to hear her clear it up.  She also is singing and dancing to blues clues songs with hand movements.  She can count to 14 and does every day, she also counts whenever any thing is counted on her favorite shows. She is saying mom and dada, thank you, bye bye, hello, hi ya, mama, baby, cat, kitty, pup, bunny, bubba, oh no, please, yes, no, and see you, and I see you. She has also said "what have I done" and "I love you".  She is also slowly coming away from crying at me and now is trying to communicate with me with pointing at what she wants and saying please and then thank you when I give her whatever she was after.  I am working on getting her to vocalize what she wants and not just point by telling her what she is point at and really making sure I am giving everything names as I give it to her.  We are also working on being more polite when out in public which isn't often but she is doing really well and since she is Gabe is as well.

She is growing like a weed as well and is fully wearing her 18 months clothing and some 24 month/2T clothing as well.  We have also used a few of her 12 month dresses as tank tops with shorts since they are just too short to wear as dresses, though she is almost to big for them now.  She is still wearing size 6 shoes but I've bought her a pair of size 7 sandals so she can wear them until it gets cold again, hopefully.  I just can't believe how much she has already grown and yes I will have a wonderful blog post for her come 2 years.  Stay tuned for more about the kids throughout the months.

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