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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Project: recycled t-shirts into burp cloths

I had a bunch of scraps left over from another project and was thinking about what to do with them.  While debating turning them into dust rags I was spit up on and watched my t-shirt I was wear absorb the spit up instantly, didn't run thru or dribble down to my pants. It instantly hit me that all the colored shirt scraps I had were "boy" colors and realized that the scraps were large enough to make some double sided burp cloths.  So I went to work and played around with the different size scrap and came up with a bunch of different shapes and mix and matched colors too.  The one on the left has a neck cut out with one side larger than the other because I feed Gabe on his side and he always dribbles a little out of the side he is laying on so I thought why not have one side larger and that way I would not have to bunch up the cloth on that side making him and me more comfortable when feeding.  The second is your basic rectangle burp cloth both are navy blue on one side and the I have olive green on the other side of the bib style and white on the rectangle.

These are super easy to make since it is almost all straight edge sewing.

1.Take your desired colored material line up 2 pieces of T-shirt material back to back so that the inside of the material is facing out and the outside is facing in. 
2.Trim to the same size,
3.pin together to keep from slipping as you sew them up,
4.sew 1/2 inch in(this will keep your cloths from coming apart since t-shirt material is stretchy if you get too close to the edge you run the possibility of its pulling apart) leave about 2 inches open on one end ( for the bib style make sure you leave this opening on a straight edge)
5.through the opening, you will flip the cloth right side out
6.then sew up the opening either with a straight stitch across with the sewing machine or with a ghost stitch by hand.

I hope all of you with little ones will try these out they are great and when your little one has grown you have perfect cleaning rags. Just make sure you wash the burp cloths before using in the baby friendly detergent. Enjoy and let me know if you make them or if you have any questions on how I made mine. I would love to see your version of these great pieces.



LeiShell said...

Very clever and resourceful! I wish I did this with Eli...but I guess I can with a future baby!

Michelle said...

I love this idea! Using scraps to make burp cloths is great...recycling at it's best.