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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Memories...how I love my husband.

Valentine's Day has always been bitter sweet to me before getting married.  My husband and I met at a party where he started the night with introducing me, who he had just met, as his future girl friend because I was just that cool; and then half way through the night he started just calling me his girl friend and the funny part was that it stuck. He was charming and caring all night as I was going through a lot of issues at that time and he already knew it which made things even easier to get along with him.  Before I left the party my friends made sure that we had each others numbers and after that its history.  We have been together ever since, falling deeper in love and enjoying our life together.

Normally our Valentine's Day consists of exchanging cards and candy sometimes I would get flowers, but most of the time it was candy, and then dinner time would leave us making a special manicotti that has spinach and mushroom filling.  It is an amazing dish plus we would have a fresh salad and some homemade garlic bread.  We have done this since our second Valentine's day together and we have so much fun cooking together, so this year was a little hard with not having him home to love on and make our great Valentine's day meal together.  This year I had friends over and I made everyone dinner, I made homemade baked ziti and it turned out great.

My thoughts are still with my hunny and I am wishing he was here but at least we were able to make it a good night with friends.  I hope you all had an amazing Valentine's Day dinner with loved ones.

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LeiShell said...

That would be so hard without your hunny, but it seems like you made the most of it.