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Friday, February 3, 2012

1st time sending a care package.

So today was interesting to say the least.  We went to the post office to send the first care package. Let me tell you that there is a lot to do the 1st time you send one.  I didn't know about the customs form, which I should have expected considering its going overseas, and with the large boxes you need tape which luckily I had stopped at Wal-mart before and got some blue duct tape, as blue is my husband's favorite color.  With getting this shipped I had to run in and get the box first then run back to the car.  I got it taped up loaded and sealed up in the car then got our extremely large stroller out.  Put the kids in the stroller and got inside to wait in line while I filled in the addresses.  Once I got up to the counter the clerk asked if I had the form.  I know I had a blank look on my face to that as I couldn't figure out what "the form" was, however, the clerk was super nice and got me set up on the side to fill out the customs form after he explained how to fill it out.  Thank the Lord that he explained how to fill it out because I would have been lost trying to deconstruct the address but they didn't make me do that just to keep writing in the blocks as if it was just blank blocks.  Anyway, once I had that done I waited for him to finish helping another customer and then got the package and some announcements for Gabe's birth sent out.  All in all it was an ordeal to get in there but well worth it knowing that my husband will soon have some items he forgot and some that will make him smile.  Now to start thinking about what I will send in the next package, how to make it just as special.  I am thinking Kenzi art project coming in the near future.  Well, I hope that the package gets to him quickly, and for those of you wanting to send him packages or letters email me and I will give you his address.  Its quite the experience of sending packages but after the 1st time it'll be easy.

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