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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Disney Jr, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

So, just wanted to tell everyone how much I love this show. Well, I should say how much my daughter loves this show.  I have bought her some of the DVDs of it so that when we go in the car she can be entertained and low and behold the show doesn't just hold her attention and keep her from getting bored while riding but it is teaching her skills that are above her age for sure.  I wasn't sure if it was just a fluke or not, but thanks to Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Miss Makenzi, who is just 18 months old, can count to 13 and to make sure she keeps on going with it we count all sorts of things around the house and every where we go seems like she counts higher every couple days.  She also has started to put the names of colors together with the proper color so if you tell her to get a blue ball she actually gets a blue ball and says bue for blue.  it still blows my mind thinking about the car ride where she started counting along with Mickey. My husband and I looked at each other like "did she really just count?" and then she did it again and we both started clapping and yelling yay to her and good job and she just loves to count and the numbers are coming out clearer each time.  Anyway, we love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for sure.  Also Little Einsteins is starting to get her interested in body parts.  If you ask her to pat her belly she does for the most part and started doing this one day while watching Little Einsteins and all while saying pat each time she patted her tummy or legs.  No she doesn't watch tv all the time but I do keep something on in the back ground through out the day when we are in the living room, but we also play in her room and she is getting better about listening and getting items I ask her for. I love seeing her bloom and show how smart she really is.  Anyway, we love Disney Jr, the shows are great and she is taking away good skills from them.  Thanks Disney!

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LeiShell said...

We love Disney too. But have you seen Sprout tv? That's our favorite. All about learning and not too hyper of cartoons, which I love.