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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gabe's 1st Bite...oh boy!

So, I had the bright idea to try some rice cereal on a spoon with Gabe.  I figured the only foreign part would be the spoon since he is use to the rice being in his bottles to help keep his food down as he is a little colicy still.  Well, as you can probably guess my bright idea got shot down with the first spoon full.  Now I got the mixture just right and it was a perfect slightly warm temperature but he wasn't going for it.  Shortly after he made this face (see photo) he began to scream his head off and of course I calmed him down and tried again and made him even madder.  The interesting part is that once I cleaned him up and he calmed down the second time what he hadn't drooled out on to my shirt he ate and seemed to like so maybe there is hope for him eating rice cereal yet.  I figured I will just have to keep trying until he is 4 months old which is just around the corner and then we will try mixing the rice cereal with a little added apple or banana baby food, this was the only way I could get Kenzi to eat rice cereal.  Its amazing that we are already at the intro to solid foods step didn't we just have him?  Well, life sure does fly when you have 2 under 2, or just kids in general.

So, I have been asked how I got the consistency to the rice cereal and here is my trick, I use a formula scope in my rice cereal. I take a full scoop of rice cereal mixed with a full scoop of formula then I add warm water a little at a time.  Pretty much following the directions on the rice cereal container but not to the full extent.  I mix the dry rice cereal and dry formula 1st then add the water just a little at a time to get the creamy (cream of wheat) type consistency. Keep in mind that you want to stick with your brand. I use Gerber formula so I use Gerber rice cereal too. If you formula doesn't make a rice cereal then chose what ever jar food you are planning on feeding your child and use their rice cereal. There are organic rice cereal as well from Gerber as well as Best Earth(I think is the organic brand for baby food) if you are planning on making your own baby food and don't want to use the regular stuff. I plan to make my own food but will continue to use Gerber rice cereal and puffs and everything because I am a brand junky and love the Gerber products. 

The other little bit to know is that most babies don't like the rice cereal by itself or mixed like this but they get use to it pretty fast you just have to keep trying (this is what Makenzi's doctor told us when she was at this stage).  If you find that its just not happening, like we did with our first child, our doctor suggested we add apple or banana baby food to the rice cereal mix just to give it a little flavor and it worked like a charm literally a baby spoon full.  Also, I found after you feed your child a successful meal let them sit for about 15 minutes where they are, or until they burp on their own, that way their food settles before you move them around and reduce the risk of it coming back up (again something we learned the hard way with our 1st child). 

Also don't stress your child out with shoveling in the food.  If they don't calm down to swallow the food immediately don't put more in try setting the spoon on their tongue or lips and get them to swallow that bite before you give them anymore and keep the bites small, remember they have no understanding of what you are doing to them so explain as you go and keep calm because they probably wont be.

Well, good luck to all of you taking this step either with me or shortly to follow.  I wish you all great success in your child's first bites and will be keeping you up-to-date with our progress.  I am also open to answer any questions you might have, whether that is about products I've used or anything at random too.  I'm here to help.

Stay tuned next big post will be Gabe's 4 month update, see how he's grown and find out the accomplishments he's gained.  See you soon.

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