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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gabe at 4 months

Gabe is 4 months old and has grown by leaps and bounds.  He has learned so much already that I cannot even begin to imagine what he will do next.  This last month we saw Gabe learn to roll to his side from his back as well as roll from his tummy to his back.  He has rolled from back to tummy once but doesn't have the hang of that one though I know its only days away.  He likes to talk any chance he gets and has an infectious laugh though its not a big laugh its super cute.  Gabe looks up to Makenzi big time and while she is running around him he will do anything he can to watch her every move.  I know he will be mobile a lot faster than she was simply to keep up with his sister.  Gabe has also started to hold his own bottle, he is eating the baby oatmeal with fruit successfully, he can sit up with support and is trying to sit without support, pretty much has control over his head, has found his fingers and toes, and has been trying to catch his tongue.  He has some silly looks that I try to catch on camera but he goes cold every time he sees either my phone or the camera trained on him.

It is so much fun to play with him and he cracks up every time I grab his hand and make him move around as well he cracks up every time I change his clothing.  He thinks its so funny when I take clothing off him and then again when I put clothes back on him.  He also cracks up when I am changing his poopy diaper, this one makes me laugh but in the back of my mind I always think why exactly is he laughing about this. He also thinks its funny when he spits up all over me causing me to not only change my top half but bottom half as well.

Anyway, Gabe is sleeping through the night and most nights sleeping 12 to 14 hours at night he also likes long mid day naps too.  I do plan to move him soon to his own room but as it is just me here for a little longer I am enjoying not having to go up and down the stairs that much more.  Oh well, just gonna have more exercise to the day. 

Gabe's 4 month check up went great.  I was told I was feeding him too much at once but that I was right about how much he need in the day just to space it out a little more like 6 4 ounce bottles.  anyway I was also told that I could cut back on the number of bottles once hes really eating 3 meals from spoons which he is doing that now so every thing is good.  Also at the check up I found out that he weighs 14 pounds and 14 ounces and is 26 1/4 inches long. 

Well, that is what is going on with Gabe and I cannot wait to see what this month holds for us.

Stay tuned to see what my crazy kids do next. 

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