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Friday, July 27, 2012

The wonderful crayon case to go

So one afternoon I was looking at different shops and found this little crayon case and thought what a great idea but what if it would hold more? so I cam home and started looking at the material I had a came across a nice size piece of material I had already cut and sewed into one large piece of stripped material.  I made a pillow of sorts without the stuffing then ironed it flat and folded it into thirds then unfolded one part of the third so that I was left with a nice size pocket then measured out 3/4 of an inch spots to fit the crayons which I double checked a few slots before I sewed them in place and decided that 24 slots was just the right amount and left larger pockets open to either side to hold other things as they grow.  The slots can also hold small colored pencils and thing markers ( which you could modify the design to hold thicker markers or make the whole thing wider to hold full size markers and colored pencils.) I think put in the crayons and affixed snaps to the case where the edge meets the main body, the snaps came from one of my daughters old onesies that I am using for her memory quilt.  Then I put her initials on it as I had them left over from a bag I made for her a while ago.  She is 2 years old and loves to color and can actually put them in and take them out on her own though right now I am still assisting her with this to avoid a giant mess of crayons. This case has already come in hand with her first sleep over she brought the case and I grabbed 2 pictures and her and her friend had fun coloring as a way to wind down before bed. 

So this case is fun for the kids and I found them fun to make and after running some numbers found that I can make and ship these for a flat $20 and a turn around of a week. So for those not interested in making them but would like to get one for your child or a child you know shot me an email at a.reynolds0809@yahoo.com

Oh yeah, if you order more than 3 you get a 20% discount on your total purchase.  Just mention my blog and the code casex320. Can't wait to work with you.

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