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Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Goals/New Years Resolutions

So of course I have the basic resolutions that I want to accomplish like losing weight and eating healthier, which go hand in hand. I plan to lose at least 40 pounds this year from my current pregnant weight of 188.  My other goals for the year are to get all of our finances in line and running smoothly, have savings accounts for not just our kids but us as well for vacation and emergency purposes.  I want to have Makenzi potty trained by age 2, or at the very least 2 and a half, I am not going to force it on her.  A family goal for us is to eat healthier, we will be trying to have a salad with every dinner and to have a piece of fruit or a good serving of veggies with breakfast and lunch. We have already implemented one goal which is to cut our trash out put in half and recycle as much as we can.  We now put out 2 recycling bins every week and only have 1 can of trash every other week. 

Some goals I want to see Makenzi reach this next year include the potty training, building her vocabulary, getting her to use utensils when she eats, drink from a regular cup with out a straw, sleeping in her big girl bed (which we have already started and as of night 1 we are doing good), picking up her own toys before nap time and bed time, and starting to put her clothing on herself with little to no help from me and Ty, she has already started to help put her clothing on so I feel that by the end of the year she will be capable of at least putting on her tops on her own. 

Goals for Gabriel include rolling over, crawling, walking, eating formula, eating solid baby food, eating real food, saying his first words, interacting freely with Kenzi and the animals, and sleeping through the night of course.  I think he will be able to accomplish all this and much more with his first year of life. 

Goals for me are all over the place, losing the weight is a big one for me and will take a lot of motivation to get done as I will be tired by the end of the day but I will do it.  Eating healthier will be good since I so often go for pasta when its just me and Kenzi eating but adding in the salad and fresh fruit and veggies will be good. Of course getting our finances in order and getting to really saving as much as we can will be a challenge but one that is well worth it.  I also want to accomplish getting a play group together at least 1 time a month if not more for Makenzi and Gabriel, finish all the paint by numbers I have in the works, finish all the blankets I have been wanting to make, clean out my closet and actually donate all the clothing that we can no longer wear, help my children excel in their basic skills and really teach them how to read, write, speak, etc. 

I guess you can say I have high hopes for this year but these are all things that I feel are very real goals for us to reach and plan to give a report at the end of the year that shows how we were able to surpass these goals and more.  I want this year to be full of happy memories and many reached goals. I pray that all of you are blessed with just the same, happy memories and accomplished goals. Welcome 2012 lets get this year going on a great and positive course. 

What you put out into the universe is what you will get out of the universe, so be positive and positive will be returned to you. 

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