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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas shopping...on a minimal budget

So, despite my wanting to go crazy and buy every little thing I can get my hands on that is Disney Princess or Winnie the Pooh, I have been able to keep myself from going crazy and stick to a set budget.  Mostly was thanks to the amazing black Friday sales that were still going on in the afternoon on black Friday.  One thing I have learned this year for gift buying is to space things out over the full year and you can get more for the kids that way and that nothing is worth leaving your family on Thanksgiving to go shopping.  I found almost everything I wanted to get for my daughter still discounted in the early afternoon after all the crazy people had gone home, didn't have to wait in crazy long boring lines either. I love a good deal and hate paying full price when I can shop around and find it for the best price, but if you pay attention to what is and isn't selling you can set it just right to still get the sales price but with way less hassle.

So now I am excited for Christmas as I was able to get Makenzi some great Disney Princess stuff that would have run me over $200 to get at full price for $60, and for those of you who keep hearing about Walmart matching prices on anything, well they really do.  I wanted to get Kenzi her 1st Disney Princess Toddler doll of Cinderella and couldn't find it anywhere except on line until I went into Walmart and found it there but was much more expensive than Targets every day price and they matched it. Unfortunately Kenzi was with me when I got it for her but I am doing good at not giving it to her early even though she was trying to open the box and get the doll out.  I think she likes it.

So part of Christmas for Makenzi this year is that she is getting her room redone in, you guessed it, Disney Princess.  She is getting a big girl canopy bed which scares me a little but I think she will like it 2 different storage type contraptions, a table with 2 chairs, bedding, a rug; pretty much everything she could want to have a true Disney Princess room.  I can't wait for her to open her presents from everyone and discover that she is getting this new room and then to see her face once Daddy and Mommy get it all put together and her stuff put into it...she is going to be so happy.  This is something we decided to do to make her feel completely special as we welcome her baby brother to the world. 

As of right now Gabriel is set to come into this world January 3rd but we will for sure have date and time on December 15 which also happens to be the day that we found out we were pregnant with Makenzi. Funny how time flies. Though there is still things we need to get before our little guy gets here we are starting final preparation for him to get here and welcome any help anyone wants to send our way.  Things we still need to get include a monitor, a my pal scout, a dresser, laundry soap, security stuff for baby proofing more of the house, Diapers, wipes, always clothing is needed.  We would like to get a booster seat for Makenzi, as well as a table top night light, and a new pop up hamper.  If you would like to get us anything, regardless if its for Kenzi or Gab, just email me at akayda1014@mac.com and I will send you our address.  Any little bit helps and we appreciate all the help we have already received from the baby shower gifts, we got a good start with clothing.

Anyway, like I said before we are starting to gear up in anticipation for our little guys big entrance and Christmas.  So much going on all at once its crazy but we are all doing good even after a little spat of a cold attacking we are all starting to feel a little better and as things start to fall into place getting into a little better spirits.  I hope you all are doing well and are abundant with Christmas Spirit this year.  I'll post again when we find out our date so you will all get to see him when he gets here. 
Now, remember to stay safe out there while you are shopping around and getting those amazing deals.

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