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Friday, October 21, 2011

Doctors appointments all around

So, we had to go to our first doctors' appointments this past week and though mine was a let down, Kenzi's was wonderful. 
I had my doctor's appointment first and we sat in the exam room forever waiting for them to come in ask a few questions listen to me breath and listen to the baby and then tell me they would be in touch with me once they got an appointment with the OBGYN in the area. I guess it didn't matter to them that I haven't seen an OBGYN in almost 3 months and that I am having a high risk pregnancy.  Sorry all I am still a little mad that no one seems to listen to you when you make appointments in the first place.  We sat at that office for almost 2 hours for a 5 minute conversation, though they did check my blood pressure that despite the massive stress we have been dealing with has stayed low and was at 100 over 60.  Granted that was on a good day where nothing had gone wrong at that point, later that day I am sure it was much higher. 
Miss Makenzi's appointment was much smoother and more relaxed.  She has a great team of doctors who are all seemingly nice and make her laugh even after shots, good sign right?  She is 31 inches long putting her in the 90th percentile for her height, 23 pounds which put her in the 80s for her weight and 18 inch circumference for her head which is in the 50th percentile.  They said this is what they look for in healthy happy children and she is doing great.  She only cried for a little after her shots and then I got dirty looks after her nap when I removed her band aides.  She took a good nap that day and then went to bed early due to her being cranky.  She is still a little cranky today which is only to be expected.  Hopefully tomorrow we will have our normal Makenzi back.
So a few things going on that I wanted to share is the new education we have started with Makenzi.  We are using some flash cards to start her identifying the alphabet, shapes and colors, and next week we will also be working further with textures.  We are also working on animals and animal sounds.  She seems to be very interested in the flash cards and thinks the animal sounds are funny, she laughs at me when I make them which makes me laugh.  We are hoping to get her to start really communicating with us besides pointing at things she wants and crying if she doesn't get it right away.  She can say, mama, dada, juice, yes, no, see ya, bye, dog, thank you, and please.  She also knows what clap your hands means and does it when you say yay.  She shakes her head yes and no, appropriately, and waves hello and bye bye.  I think the education is also helping her with these things plus we constantly tell her what she is touching and feeling to get things to click together. 
On another note we have also said good bye to Fisher Price Diapers.  We have loved using them but with Babies R Us so far away we had to find a different diaper that was carried locally.  So we have switched to Huggies.  So far we have loved them just as much as the Fisher Price ones.  They are doing a great job during the day as well as the night.  We highly recommend the Huggies over night diapers to everyone.  We fell in love with night diapers from Fisher Price and found that the Huggies over nights are just as wonderful especially after having a few nights with out any night time diapers and having wet jammies.  We are using the Huggies Movers, Over Nights, and the natural wipes.  That said I am happy to report that Kenzi has still been diaper rash free.

Life is amazing again for us.  We are getting fully settled into a new place, schedule, and life really.  We have a fairly easy budget that will be in place come November 1st, which is saving everything we can.  With deployment on the horizon we are hunkering down and trying to enjoy every moment we have together.  Anyway, I'll keep you posted as we truly start using Huggies for all our diapering needs including us trying the new pull on diapers, which will be coming next month.  I'll also let you know if I find anything super wonderful along this fun journey of being not only a military wife but a mother of 2 under 2. 

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