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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kicking off the creative season!

Alrighty, here is my shout out to all my friends and family and anyone who happens upon my blog.  I am back up and running with my hand knit blankets, hats and scarves, my hand made quilts and throw pillows as well as my hair bows.  Prices have come down a little my blankets will now start at $60, hats and scarves start at $15 for the pair. My quilts will start at $50, and throw pillows will start at $10. My bows are the same price which is any 3 bows for $5 ( these come on either a alligator clip, small barrette, or thin hair band).  If you want a head band they are 2 for $6.  Shot me an email if you want to place and order and I will be happy to send you an order form with envelope for payment return.  keep in mind that if you are ordering one of my blankets or ordering in bulk there is a shipping charge of $5 plus and it will be sent via USPS flat rate boxes unless you request differently.    Also I am trying to reach as many people as possible to get the best exposure so if you have a friend wanting to get a baby blanket and you refer them to me I will give you a 10% commission on blanket and pillow orders. 

I love making these things and would love to see this actually turn into a business of sorts. So now that I am settled I want to get to crafting and need orders.  So if you want to get someone a baby blanket as a shower gift or a quilt or throw as a wedding gift check out my blankets 1st.  also its fall which means my hat and scarves are back and I'm ready to make them for you.  They are perfect stocking stuffers and I can make them in any thickness, size and color, my hair bows also make great stocking stuffers as well as cute bows on the outside of gifts.

I also include 2 hair bows for baby girl blankets and will be including a hat for the baby boy blankets.

Anyway, I will be putting up pictures on my facebook and can be emailed for pictures at a.reynolds0809@yahoo.com

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LeiShell said...

That is awesome that you are so crafty! If I can suggest you something...etsy. And you can add a little link on your blog page for people visiting to go there:) Love the idea!