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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Preparing to move....

It is amazing the stress that moving can put on you especially when you have a 1 year old who doesn't understand why all her stuff is gone and why she can't mess with the little tv like she did the big entertainment center.  It has been a test of patience and all to get this move done but we didn't have a choice we have to move.  Now we are on the eve of actually turning over the keys and everything to the management office and I'm feeling a little sad.  I can't believe that tomorrow morning we hand over the keys to our house, which has truly been our first home and the only home Kenzi has ever known. She has calmed down quite a bit since the movers left with our stuff though the stress that was suppose to be taken away by using TMO has not subsided as they tried to tell us that they didn't know when they would be able to deliver our home goods. But its been figured out and so a little less stressed though it seems like one thing gets taken care of and another pops up.  I'll be a little more relaxed when we are driving away from Quantico tomorrow morning. 

Life other than moving is going okay.  Just trying to figure out why Kenzi doesn't want to eat meals she just wants her snacks.  She use to be fine with eating what ever we ate but now just seems to want her puffs or cheerieos or yogurt melts or gold fish.  The list of little snacks goes on but I think I understand what is going on with her.  She wants to feed herself and she doesn't like her hands to get messy with sauce.  So hopefully we can get her to eat other foods but for now we wont be going out to eat even at lunch because she just doesn't want to sit still.  Looks like, weather permitting, we will be doing a lot of picnics and family meals while we can.

The best part of raising a little girl is the caring nature that is already coming out.  We get to see her love on her kitty, Mitsie, (yes she was my mom's day gift but Kenzi and Mitsie are best friends so she is Kenzi's kitty) and she will pet Einstein.  She gives me hugs and kisses especially when I am not feeling good or upset as she does with daddy too.  She has a massive destructive side to her to in she likes to bang on things with her toys or what ever she can get a hold of that is hard, however, I think she is just trying to make noise because she will find something that makes noise and just mess with it over and over again. Its great to see her exploring we just don't like her exploring the back of the TV or standing on the xbox or trying to pull down the blinds because she wants to see out the window.  Its amazing what she is getting into now that there is nothing in the house.

Well, as I said before we are getting ready to actually drive away and to a new house waiting for us in NC.  We have tried to prepare for this move as best we could but with money being tight its been very tough.  But thank the lord we are almost through this move and then we shouldn't have to move again for a while.  One thing we are going to try and do with the next house we live in is to remove our shoes before walking around the house this we hope will help keep the amount of dirt out of the carpet.  Anyway, all we have left to move is our food, some clothing, some toys, an air bed, a pack n play, the animals, and a tv its so wonderful.  Anyway I can't wait to get out of here and start this new chapter.  The next time this mom posts will be from the new house as we see how Miss Makenzi (along with ourselves) adjust to a new house, new area, a new schedule, and (I'm sure) many new adventures. Take care and wish us luck.


LeiShell said...

Good luck!!! That would be rough with a little one! But once your settled it will all just be a memory and you get to make some new ones. Safe travels:)

LeiShell said...

Good luck! That would be rough with a little one, but you are doing great and you'll have these memories and new ones too...safe travels!