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Sunday, August 7, 2011

July has been crazy....August looks like it will be busy

Things have been going a mile a minute around here making it tough to blog but I finally found the time and energy to get back on and update everyone.

So, Kenzi has been growing up so much. She is now fully on milk and no longer has to take her liquid vitamin.  She had a good 4th of July with getting to play in the park though she didn't get to see the fire works because it got too hot and she got grumpy so we just came home and relaxed.  The next big thing was her 1st birthday.  On her actual birthday we were able to take and let her pick out a birthday present which she picked out a My Little Pony Plush toy named Sweety Bell, and yes she picked it out.  We let her walk around the toy department in Target and she was grabbing different little things but then dropping them and moving on to something else until she found this toy and then she wouldn't put it down.  She also got to have her first ice cream sundae because I forgot to get stuff to make her a cake.
Her first birthday party was down at her Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds house.  She got to wear a cute Disney Princess tutu with her light up Disney Princess sandals a pair of Wings, a crown, a princess sash and a wand and had so much fun running around after she ate just about all of her smash cake which I got to bake. The cake was a chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cake with cream cheese icing decorated with a Disney Princess topper and pink and violet swirl icing. After eating her cake, some hot dog, drinking some strawberry kiwi juice and opening presents, she got to get into her bathing suit with grass skirt and then we went swimming (yes I took the grass skirt off before we got in the pool).  She had so much fun trying to swim and splashing in the pool which we were in until her hands and feet were prunes.  Then we let her stay up late playing with her friend and her new toys.
The end of the month brought us news of where we are getting stationed next and then finally a time line of when we will be moving there.  For those of you who don't know we will be heading to Cherry Point in NC and we are heading there at the end of September.  Its a little sad but exciting all in one. Its sad because we are leaving behind friends and memories here at Quantico but exciting because we are getting to start a new chapter in our life together.  Then we found out that Ty will be being deployed in January so please put out your prayers that he doesn't leave until after baby Reynolds gets here.  He will be heading to Afghanistan for 7-9 months so if you want to come visit me during that time please let me know it would be great to see everyone, plus with a new born and a 1 and a half year old I won't be traveling much besides by car so people coming to me would be the best.
So now we are into August and are gearing up to move and get everything in order. Lots of paper work and calls to make to set things up.  It is a little nerve wracking right now because we do not have housing yet but hopefully they will have something for us before Ty has to check in. (Crossing Fingers)  We have lots to clean and get rid of, which I am planning on having a garage sale at some point this month to try and get rid of clothing and some furniture we don't use. 
Well that is all for now.  I promise I won't take so long to update y'all this next time because there is so much going on and hopefully we will be able to take Kenzi to DC before we leave. 

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